Healing pathway

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

EHD is meant to equip you in discipleship that will deeply change your life. From our worship to our preaching and small groups, everything we do is informed by Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. It’s a central part of how we live as a community. We invite everyone at Crossroads to engage with EHD as part of their spiritual formation. EHD is taught in two separate courses: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) and Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR). THE NEXT COURSE IS EHR, FEBRUARY 26th, 2020 - Sign up HERE

Emotional health

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS)

You can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. So many of us have experienced the following in our lives and in church:

  • we avoid healthy conflict in the name of keeping peace
  • we ignore and suppress our emotions
  • we use our work for God as an excuse to run from God
  • we live without limits

In the EHS course, you will be guided into an experience of lasting, beneath-the-surface transformation in your relationship with Christ.

Relational Health

Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR)

In the Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course, everyone will learn eight practical relationship skills to develop a mature, loving relationship with others, such as:

  • Stop mind reading and clarify expectations
  • Incarnational listening
  • Climb the ladder of integrity
  • Clean fighting

Since loving others and loving God cannot be separated, each person will also grow in their personal, first-hand relationship with Jesus by incorporating stillness, silence, and Scripture as daily life rhythms. Sign up now for EHR; the course starts February 26th, 2020. Click HERE to register